Shaindy's In-Home Mini Stylist

I became a Mama when I was quite young, just 20. I was still a child, really. I would play dress up with my daughter everyday like she was a doll! Getting her ready for the day was my favorite. Styling and accessorizing a 6-month-old can be fun! Ha! But I loved every minute of it. But then they get older and start having opinions on what they want to wear. At age 6, my oldest daughter Chana would tell everyone she met that she couldn't wait to go to sleep-away camp where she could finally choose her own clothing. Yeah, I know.

As I grew up, I started letting my kids make those kinds of decisions for themselves. If that meant wearing a police costume to school until the school would threaten suspension, then so be it. For the most part, my three middle boys were pretty fine with me choosing their clothing. Although, recently, my son Ben wanted to wear only one shoe to school, he said he would wear a really thick sock on the other foot. Eh, sure, no problem! (see photo below)

Then, I had my Lilly. She's 4 now and I haven't been able to choose her clothing since she learned how to speak for herself. I'm sure some of you have kiddies like her. Sometimes, it's frustrating. You know, when it's 90 degrees and she wants to wear a puffer coat to school. Other times, it's absolutely adorable when you can see how confident she feels in her "My Little Pony Costume" that has been worn to tatters. She once tried to convince me that it was PJ day at school just so she could wear pajamas to school. (I do have my limits...)

Lilly is our Project6NYKids brand rep model. She takes this job seriously for the most part, but every once in awhile, we have a slight meltdown in middle of our photoshoot because she REFUSES to take off a headband. She doesn't want to ever part with it. The Party Bow Headband launched one of those drama-queen stomp-your-foot-and-cross-your-arms adorable tantrums. Solution? Make it in at least 15 colors! We also made this style in a wrap version, for those kiddos who prefer wraps to hard headbands. And if they love the velvet, we also have Bubble Ear in Velvet and Playful Bow in Velvet.

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