Monday MomTrepreneur: Dressing for Your Kids

I used to dress so cute. Like everything that I put on would co-ordinate somehow. Perfect shoes, dress, earrings, and of course, a bag. Even Sundays were a chance to dress up.

Then the kids start “coming”. One or two was still manageable with my silk shirt dresses and patent Lanvin flats. But the more kids I had, the meaner I got about touching me (when I was dressed up).   You know what I mean, when you’re all dressed up ready to go out and you see dirty hands, you recoil!!   My sons are always stepping on my shoes and they cannot figure out the disposable napkin thing and assuming my clothing is just a sea of wipes. A sneeze? Don’t get me started, the lighter the dress – the more they run to you. I couldn’t do museums or even picnics. I dreamed of sending my husband and kids for pizza, while I would just watch them outside through the glass of the pizza store, looking cute

We all go through that transition into our “mommy clothing”. Clothing that you can have fun in, be relaxed, and be ok if you get some grass on it! There are tons of jokes about soccer moms or mom sweats. That could not be me!!! I needed a cool, comfortable, washable, statement dress that could be kid-friendly!!!!   The MAAYA dress has become my “mom dress”.  I feel great in it, and style this basic dress differently each day. When it comes back from the cleaners starched perfectly, I can wear it to a wedding!! A few wears after that, I roll up the sleeves and basically roll in the grass with my kids.

Enjoy, it’s worth it!!!

Send us pictures of your Maaya dress/es with Kids!! We’d love to see!


MAAYA – Short Length
MAAYA – Medium Length
MAAYA – Long Length
MAAYA - Sale

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