"YOU are amazing. YOU are independent. YOU are chic. Now, show it!"



Meet Project 6, the unconventionally bold soul-child of designer Shaindy Backer. A transitional ready-to-wear collection with as much poise and grace as edge and malleability, Project 6 redefines the classic notion of femininity. Here, airy cuts and square, asymmetrical shapes take a turn toward unexpected drapery, revealing a refreshing departure from skin-taut slips. Exposing only the striking simplicity of womanhood, Backer’s free-spirited collection offers flowing, artistic, versatile pieces that effortlessly carry from day to night.

 “It’s about the art of femininity,” says Backer. “I want to show women that it’s not about displaying their bodies to the world, but rather presenting the viewers with a beautiful story. Project 6 is meant to inspire confidence and celebrate individuality.”

 Backer’s collection offers a vast range of possibilities, with apparel ranging from daywear basics (such as frocks, tunics and dresses) to statement pieces (such as asymmetrical hemmed wrapped dresses, detailed rope belts and meticulously crafted hair accessories.

Designed for the woman adventurous enough to risk straying from the standard, Project 6 imagines femininity as a truthful, liberating expression of style, attainable by anyone. Backer’s collection aims to empower women to take fashion into their own hands, expressing their personalities through bold, powerful, colorful choices.

Her fashion acumen noticeable early on, Backer’s love for clothing only intensified after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Surrounded by artists and creators, she was inspired to tackle the world of fashion full force. Backer, who by the age of 25 had already had a line of hair accessories in Anthropologie, Henri Bendel, Nordstrom and Forever 21, made a name for herself with Project 6 NY, which struck a special balance between the simple, the sophisticated, the classic and the modern.

Deeply inspired by her 5 children, and hoping to create something for them to look up to, 33-year-old Backer’s sixth passion project came from a desire to awaken more than her inner creative voice. Jumpstarting an artistic career in her early 20s, Backer intended to craft a piece both brazenly fashion-forward and — for hard-working women all around — intrinsically easy to wear. Project 6 was born, expressive toward all personalities, full of flowing fabrics and gorgeous colors, and unusually daring. Garments explore the ethos of femininity, each paying homage to a different facet of a woman’s individuality. Shoppers can choose from categories such as Bold, Luxe, Savvy and Liberated.

Backer’s pieces emphasize simplicity sparing no detail, with focus on how an item drapes, how it falls on the body and how it moves. They nod toward her inspired travels throughout Europe and India, where she took note of bold fabrics, bright colors, and the unexplored trends in fashion.