So just to be totally and completely transparent...

I am a big fan of podcasts. I'm learning that there is a certain type of person who listens to podcasts in his/her spare time, while driving, or while falling asleep. Yeah, if you're one of us, I feel you. We need to learn how to relax and chill without using our brains. Amen.
Anyway, that's not the transparency part. This is the transparency part: I was listening to a podcast about a fashion designer and she was talking about how emails (or blog posts!) she sends to her "audience" have a touch of "education" in them. This is something Shaindy and I talk about but it seems hard to implement. We just assume you all want to see photos of the dresses and links to them. But you know, that's why I listen to podcasts...learn new things. 

But like where to start? So, me being me... I googled "facts about fashion". Literally the first thing I found, I was like whatttttttt, this is so cool, I need to share this. So yeah. Here's your educational email compliments to someone on google. I couldn't find the source!! 
My favorite fact is #2. The one about dolls. (Duh...shameless plug: when I'm not 100% focused on Project 6, I'm working on theMEandMY which is my "doll" it).

Anyway, transparency, again. Now that I've educated you. Here are some photos of items (Emi and Ume) that have just gone on sale as of 5 minutes ago. Enjoy :)


One more thing...if your as big of a fan of google as totally need to watch this video.


This post was written by Chaya.

I say this because I have yet to convince Shaindy to listen to a podcast while driving. So just to be clear- transparency again- Shaindy isn't the crazy podcast listener. That would be me. Except I'm proud of it, so it's cool.

Anyway, today I am wearing botan, see pic. And because I'm curious to see if you (or even Shaindy) will read to the bottom of this post, I'm just going to go ahead and make a coupon code named: podcastsRcool which will get you $15 off this Botan dress, which I am wearing backwards by the way. Coupon expires October 20th, 2017.

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