What I Wore Wednesday, and what I'll wear next Wednesday, too!

Once upon a time I wanted to make Apps. Actually, that's not true, I still really want to! My first app idea was of one that would keep an inventory of your closet and help remind you of all the outfits you have in there. Every day, you'd take a picture and upload it, after a couple days or weeks, it'd be super easy to get dressed in the morning because all you'd have to do is look through your 'virtual closet'. You'd also be able to upload pictures of all your clothing and tag it by season, color, mood, etc, so later you could sort through your closet easily.  It was more complex (social aspect and all that), but the basic point was that it'd make getting dressed easier and you'd be able to plan ahead to make the mornings easier!
Turns out, like most app ideas (ha!), it already exists!! You can download it here for $3.99. I didn't have space on my phone for another app, though, so I had to come up with a work-around...
Here's what I do!! In the morning, after I get dressed, I take a picture (it doesn't have to be a good one, it's just for reference). Then, I add the picture to an album I created on my iPhone called "Clothing Ideas". I've been doing this for a couple months, so nowadays, when I wake up and am not sure which Project 6 dress I am in the mood for, I open the album and browse. Works every time!!
Here's a sneak peek of some of my pictures in my album (click image to shop, 30% off today through Saturday night with code #6000followers+giveaway):

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