Monday MomTrepreneur: Road Trips

Are we there yet!?!?!??????????????

As all parents know, these words are the worst part of a road trip with the kids. In my opinion, they're worse than "I'm nauseous", "I'm hungry", "I'm bored"!

We recently drove from Miami to Orlando. My husband and I were dreaming thinking that because the trip was for them, the kids would sit quietly!! They literally asked every 10 minutes "when are we there", "how much longer", "are we there yet"!!!

I needed a solution or else I was never leaving Orlando. I took all their iPads and downloaded the Waze app (give them your phone if you don't have another device!!). I showed my kids how to check on the app "how much longer" and "when we will get there"!!!! I even put them to work and they found gas stations and Starbucks' for us!!

AND for the entire 3 hours and 25 minutes, I didn't hear the words "Are we there yet?"


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