Monday MomTrepreneur: Homework!!

We all hate homework. And most of us don't believe in it, either! But we all gotta do it (right????!!!!). You lucky Montessori moms!

Having five children in school, three of which are in grade school, I can tell you there is a ton of homework. But even worse, each teacher has a different "prescription" for my child  (they call it an academic report in my school). 
"He needs more math work"
"She needs more reading"
"He needs more ABC work"...  etc.

Between my husband and I and tutors and resource rooms, I cannot fit another subject in my evenings.  So, I have decided to test out some apps on the iPhone.  Now I know it's dangerous to hand a kid an iPad when you don't want them to somehow find themselves on Kids YouTube ("I don't know how it happened, my elbow must have touched the Subway Surf app accidentally"). It's dangerous, but as Chaya showed me in a previous post, you can lock everything except the educational games. I need some apps that make learning things easy, especially for the 4 and 2-year-olds.  While my husband and I are doing homework with the older kids, I figure I'll try out some apps for the younger. 
SO I ASK YOU ALL:  What are some great math, ABC and/or ALEPH BET apps for kids?

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