Techy Tuesday + What We Wore Wednesday...on Thursday

Hi! It's Chaya! <<insert waving emoji's here??>>

So it's been awhile since I shared some Tech stuff. Which is sad. Cuz tech stuff is my favorite!

But I was also supposed to do What I Wore Wednesday today. And I didn't. Oops.

But don't worry, I'm going to fix that all now!

SOOO...On Wednesday, I decided I wanted to style one of my Project 6 dresses in a new way. I have a white Adi Dress. Usually I jump into my fringe-y heels and throw on my Project 6 feather collar (back in stock this week, and almost sold out again!), but I wanted to dress it down a bit more. I'm not the type to wear heels to work. Especially when most of my time is spent in front of a computer. 

So, I peeked into my closet and found my comfiest pair of tights. Yup. I started with tights. I usually start by choosing tights because tights are one of my most favorite clothing categories. And vests. Then blazers/jackets. Then dresses. Project 6 always comes first though because it can always fit whatever mood I am in! 

Then I took an old (like really old) denim jacket and boots and I was good to go. Oh yeah, and a scarf made by my darling sister Shaindy Backer. Yeah, the designer of Project 6. I'm lucky like that. I get our one of a kind samples. Connnecccttioonnns! It's all about connections.


How'd I do?

Ok, so now for the Techy part. The reason why I didn't do What I Wore Wednesday on Wednesday was because I couldn't figure out how to take a proper selfie. They're so hard and it's always weird when the phone is blocking you. Like what's the point then? But then...I had this cool idea! I have this inexpensive iPhone tripod, so I set up my iPhone in front of a mirror. Then, I plugged in my headphones and used the volume button to snap the picture! Was so cool how simple and easy it was! And the best part was that because I put the tripod in front of a mirror, I could see how I looked before taking the picture!

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