Monday MomTrepreneur: The Dentist

Going to the dentist is the most dreaded trip. 

My father used to be a dentist. He retired by the time I was born, but we were still raised by a dentist! That meant brushing our teeth from the moment we could stand on our own, it meant there was floss in every single drawer in our house, and it also meant pulling out our baby teeth right when they were ready, so we could show everyone in school the next day. 
The smartest thing my parents did was find a REALLY great dentist. We loved going and always had fun. The hygienists were so nice to us and we loved choosing flavors of the Fluoride. But finding a great dentist, wasn't the only smart thing...we went to the dentist every 6 months from the age of 2! Most people find a dentist when they have the first signs of pain. But we went before we ever had any issues, so we remembered the dentist as fun, and just a great excuse to miss school and get lots of stickers.
I just moved to Florida and had to find a new dentist. For me, this is a huge decision. Thankfully, I found the greatest dentist and my kids can't wait to go!!
Below are my 3 youngest playing xbox while they wait! The dentist has toys and tons of prizes. (Yes, they look tired, as they suggested the first appointment of the day for my 2-year-old because that's when toddlers are the calmest - another smart suggestion)! 

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