Monday MomTrepreneur: Spa Day? Who Am I Kidding?

I am a no frills kinda girl. Yes, I love to look nice and I love clothing, but I also like the simplicity of a woman. I like to express the natural look on a day-to-day basis, meaning, skipping the makeup and hair styled simply. Don't get me wrong, when I see a girl looking perfect without a hair out of place and mascara perfectly applied and the perfect glimmer from the eye shadow, I do get a little girl envy.

That being said, I like to treat myself to a spa day. I go once a year to cut my hair at Oscar Blondi. You get 5 star service. Robe, water, head massage, and perfectly cut and blow dried hair. So I made an appointment (15 hours in advance because that's all the notice I get) for my spa day. (There were errands and an eye dr appointment in the city, too. Because lord knows I can't take a full spa day.)

I went to bed early at about 12:30pm, and then... the dreadful tiptoe of a child telling you they're nauseous. The rest of my night went like all moms already know when their kids have the stomach virus. I remember praying the night would be over already!  I don't remember how many times we kept running to the bathroom, but I woke up thinking I was crazy for sleeping on sheets with 5 different towels on them. I was just too tired.

Of course, after my sleepless night, my 3-year-old was feeling just fine and was ready to party. So, I decided to take him with me to my hair appointment. We took the train and talked about the food he likes and the friends he plays with. I got to teach him about Brooklyn and Manhatten and Uptown/Downtown. We even freshened up on ABC's and was shocked at how much he knew! He had so much fun scootering around the city! Despite everything, it was a great day. I was happy I had a nice calm day, even more so, with him.

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