Feature Friday: Our Maxi Knit Skirt with Snaps

Everyone loves a great knit skirt.  When you find the perfect one, you buy every color!  The look is simple, clean, and minimal! You can change the look of the outfit just by switching the top.  When you wear a long skirt, you can literally wear it 4 times a week and people wouldn't notice, if you can style different each time!

We designed the Emiko skirt with all its details.  We found the waist band that was perfect, the cut was narrow like we wanted and the colors were perfect.  But the best part of the skirt is the SNAP TAPE at the sides of the skirt. Where other skirts have side slits, the Emiko skirt has snap tape (row of snaps).  We thought of this idea and loved it, as the wearer can choose to make the slit as big or as small (or nonexistent) as you'd like.  It can change the whole look of the skirt!

Take a look, try it on, and style!

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