Pre-Monday MomTrepreneur: What I've Learned From My Children

Photo By Chaya RockfordI remember one night about 10 years ago watching an Oprah show after a long exhausting day running around my kids.

She asked Julia Roberts, "What do you learn from your children?”

I was a 23 young mom of a 2-year-old and an almost 1-year-old. The concept was extremely uplifting for me. As moms, we put so much focus on the role of a mother teaching, guiding, and setting examples for their children. It had never occurred to me that "everyone can learn something from a child". I thought about what lessons I can learn from my children for a few days after that.  I knew my special lesson from my children was learning to let go of anger and learning to see every day as a new one, a fresh start. How many times do we see our kids get angry at us, and then 3 minutes later they are kissing us again and telling us that we are the best, even though, just moments ago they thought their world was ending? It's incredible to see the pureness of little children.  There are no grudges or resentments. They just continue on, happy and strong.

When we give birth, you cannot put the feelings you have when you are handed your baby the first time into words or photos. You can literally feel every string of your heart.  The newborn senses their parents and no matter who holds them, they are the calm, and just melt right into the mom’s hands (and dads). 

For me, my lesson is noticing how every morning my little toddler gives me that same love back.  And each day is new regardless of the day before. The minute they hear your voice, these little souls run to you like you are their air. I can feel and share that same love I felt on day one towards them. No matter if you were short with them the day before, couldn't pick them up from school, were too tired to read them a book, or forgot to buy that special snack they love, for our children each day is new and fresh towards us. They come running for their morning hug and melt in your arms just like the first time you held them.  Forgiveness, pure and simple. I am thankful to my children for what they have taught me. And for the gift of love they give me.  I hold my morning hugs and that excitement I see in their faces all day.

Not only am I creating life, nurturing and loving, but also I am becoming a better person. Thank you Chana, Nachi, Ben, Kobi and Lilly. I love you so much!

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