Techy Tuesday: Online Rebates... E-bates!

Hello again. 

So I'm going to say something. Some people will agree, some people won't, but either way, there is truth to the following sentence:

The World Revolves Around Money

Ok, no, this isn't the holy truth that you should live by, it's just a point. An annoying point. I mean, how many times have we judged someone or been judged by someone based on our wallet thickness (or thinness)? If you want something, as the saying goes, you have to work for it, but if you don't have the money for it, well, harder?

Well, I have another solution. I heard about this from a professor of mine, Professor E. Popkoff, author of The Expert's Guide to Internet Search & Research. Before I purchase anything online, I always google "coupon codes for _______". And I search about 3-4 sites before making my purchase. Well, Ebates solves those problems. First, it gathers all the coupon codes for the stores on their site (over 1,800 and counting) and lists them. And secondly, it gives you a rebate of some sort, be it 2% or $2 or 20%. I've been using Ebates for almost 2 years...and I'm not even such an online shopper, but yet, they've sent me checks for a total of $153.33 so far.

How does it work? So, say I'm shopping on Macy's. I fill my cart and save it (by logging in). I close the window. Then, I go to Ebates, find Macy's (16% cash back today!) and click "shop now". This reopens a window and I use that window to place my order. Boom. Every 3 months, you get a check/paypal of all your rebates back from Ebates.

Even better, now, you can install an Ebates button on your toolbar, so you'll be able to tell right away if the site you are shopping on is listed on Ebates. Then you won't have to close the window and reopen via ebates, because you can just click on the Ebates button. 

But wait!!! There's more! Refer-A-Friend to Ebates and you can get $20 back! or more!! 

So yeah, the world revolves around money, but we are techy enough to get some back!!


Sign Up Here:Ebates Coupons and Cash Back



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