Feature Friday: Karin, Karin, Karin

Feature Friday is all about the nouns...featuring people, places, or things! So here we go!

We had a Pop-Up Shop earlier this week in Crown Heights. I always love those. It's fun to get to see our customers, talk to them, and help them out in person. I noticed that people were interested in hearing the stories behind each piece. I found myself telling the story of Karin (one of our tops) a few times. So, I want to share it with all of you, here!

When I think back to last July/August, I have really warm memories. First, I traveled Italy with a close friend of mine and enjoyed every second of it...even the part where we literally had no kosher food and the only kosher restaurant turned us away saying they were too full. (We sat on the sidewalk in middle of Florence and waiting for G-d to pipe in. He did, within 10 minutes, a Chabad young dude came and we had toaster oven pizza and ice cream...on the sidewalk...in Florence). But the rest of the summer is also something I will remember forever. It was when Project 6 was officially born. It was really happening. I would join Shaindy and her family upstate where we'd sit outside in nature and talk about how we could best serve our customers, we'd talk about the books we were reading together (The Glitter Plan, #GirlBoss, etc). I guess this was when we also learned what a great team we were. The way ideas came about was always so cool:

Chaya: Did you read the part about XYZ? It made me think we should do ABC
Shaindy: That's so cool, love that idea.
Chaya: Yeah, because doing ABC would mean that our customers would feel good.
Shaindy: Omg, your idea just made me think of DEF!
Chaya: Ok, woah, that is genius. Let's do that!!!

Those are my favorite conversations, where literally our 2 brains work together and come up with something that neither of us could have thought of ourselves!

Anyway, it was one of those country visits that the Karin top was born. When you're staring at this view all weekend, you can't help but want to dive right in that lake, White Lake, to be specific. So, we decided to rent a boat and have fun. But, I didn't have anything to wear but my pajamas and a jean skirt, neither of which is proper boating attire. Shaindy had a dress that I could borrow, but I needed it to be a tad more modest by the neck. So my darling big sister, found another dress and cut it up for me to make a crop top over my dress. And that is how KARIN was born. It was a genius idea to make a sleeveless or low-cut dress, tznius. Karin even has snaps by the neck, so you can keep it boat-neck (Boat, get it? I'm kidding) or make it tighter around the neck. But Karin is not just good for making dresses tznius! We hear it's great for:


    • Nursing Moms!
    • Pregnant Women!
    • For the gym, yoga, or the beach!
    • If you wanna look good! :)
    • If you're cooking or in a tank-top and someone rings the doorbell... lol!

      Karin is a great staple for any closet. Once you have it, you'll realize how much it adds to your wardrobe. You'll be grabbing it often! Pair it with our Hana skirt and Kira leggings for a full everyday look! Add in our Kana vest top and an Aviv Belt and now you're ready for a party!

      ...And that's the story of Karin. Sisterly Love. That's it!


      Karin in Action:



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