MomTrepreneur Monday: The Sponge Bob Band-Aids

Working Moms have their own definition of Sunday. Sunday is the one day that you have to do all your errands while making sure you have a day that makes your kids think it's all about them! So basically, we are merging errands day and kids day into one day, otherwise known as "Sunday Funday".  (This is never really smart, but we gotta do what we gotta do….).  

I woke up this Sunday morning a bit overwhelmed.  I had a list of errands to do, and a boatload of kids who know Sunday is that day to have fun family time.  But I tried to change my thinking and take my kids on my errands and have fun with it, too.  They took their scooters and got to go into each store with me.  We greeted store-owners and friends and took turns holding the door for each other. 

The grocery was the all moms know – never take your kids there!!  But I figured I'll have fun with it!  I wanted to teach my kids some healthy ways to eat, but that didn’t go down well.  We passed the ice cream delivery truck as we were entering the store.  The driver offered my kids free ice cream. In their clean clothing and freshly washed faces, we couldn’t turn down an opportunity like this!!  We graciously accepted!  In the store, they were dripping everywhere, so I had a brilliant idea to “trade" ice cream for donuts, I managed to get their ices away, but then they had cream all over their face, so I traded their donuts for a Naked drink.  I went from wanting to teach them about healthy choices to ices – donuts – and finally, a healthy-ish naked drink.  They were probably thinking, "wow, this is the best day ever”.  We managed to finish shopping while my kids threw 20 different things into the cart (which I had to sort through at the register...seriously? a salami sausage??).  After doing about 8 errands with the kids, we got back home happy.  We still managed to spend the day having a fun, family outings. 

Best advise/lesson?

1) Stay calm and look at any time spent with our kids as a fun outing or an opportunity to teach a lesson
2) Always bring wipes
3) Never, ever, ever, re-shelve the Sponge Bob band-aids your kids threw in the cart.  They will ask about it when they get home, before dinner, at bed time, the next morning, before school… etc!

Shoe-shopping next Sunday, anyone?

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