Techy Tuesday: Mobility

So online shopping is huge, right? I mean, I know that I probably spend more money online than in person. But what about via computer or via phone? I'm not a huge mobile shopper...yeah, I've booked a plane ticket online before, but those don't come in Small, Medium, and Large, or with different views that you can zoom in on, like with online clothing shopping. And I thought that most people were like me...until Project 6!

Literally this week, we had so many customers asking us to text links, so they can shop quick from their cell phones! And I was like, woahhhhh...there's gotta be a better app for that...something to make our mobile site just a tad bit cooler, ya know?

7 minutes later...voilla! Go check out our m-site from your cell and then from an iPad! Tell me what you think??

Oh, and where do you shop more often? Computer, In-Store, Mobile?


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