Feature Friday: The Akari Dress

Feature Friday is all about the nouns...featuring people, places, or things! So, what's a better way to start this weekly adventure, than with our very own Akari Dress?

Each of our pieces has its own story. The Akari's story began exactly a year ago! Shaindy was traveling with her family in Israel. Shaindy ALWAYS comes back from traveling with a hundred new ideas. She takes inspiration from wherever she goes! So, while traveling Israel, she combined her love of fashion, Israel, and vintage glory, and voila, Akari!

What's cool about the Akari dress, like most of our P6 dresses is that it can be worn in so many different ways! You can just slip it on for a comfy feel, you can belt it with a Liat belt, you can use the hidden strings underneath the dress and tie those behind your back, underneath the dress, for a cinched waist look. Or you can just throw it on over a bathing suit for a day at the beach!

The Akari dress also comes with (when requested) an extra triangle of material, so you can close up that open space at the bottom of the dress. You can also just sew that part down!

You can purchase the Akari dress via this link. View product images here.

But let's just let our customers' pictures speak!



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