Thinking of Others

There is a war going on. In Israel. A place that has a piece of my heart. A place that was founded for people with my religion. It's hard to be launching my dream at such a painful and uncertain time.

I sold my first very first piece to a beautiful woman born in Israel.  I saw this photo online, and she happened to be wearing a Project 6 necklace. It all came together for me.  We can work, enjoy, and continue our day-to-day life, as long as we keep what is close to us in the forefront.  We can continue our dreams, but remember that our brothers are fighting for us; for our state, our country, our religion.  So this first blog post is in honor of an EMPOWERED woman.  She stopped her day to honor and bless the hard working boys fighting for us.  She teaches us the power of passion, voice, and doing something bold.  

Tamar Madmoni Reich #ourproject6girl is wearing LILLY NECKLACE.

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Tamar! You are the epitome of awesome!

Chaya October 19, 2021

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