How to Make Your Too Big Hat Fit Better!

We love hats. They're fun to design, you can get super creative with them, plus they're an awesome accessory. I'd have to say that our favorite hat was our color blocking Nurit Hat which we made for Anthropologie. We made some for ourselves, too, you can see/purchase them here.

We're often asked by customers about the sizing of our hats. Heads come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the perfect fit in a hat can be tough. Luckily, there are ways to make a hat that's too big fit better!

But, I'll let a professional DIYer explain it: 


I checked on amazon and it looks like this is an inexpensive weather stripping tape thing.

We have samples of hats in our showroom that we never put online because they're just one-of-a-kinds, but after numerous hat requests, we decided to make a little hat sample sale! Yup, you can get these amazing hats for just $28! Buy 2, and you'll get free shipping, since we have free shipping on orders over $40! If you are curious about our return policy, you can view it here. These hats are considered sale items....'cuz they're heavily discounted! Yay! 

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