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We all grew up talking about what we were going to be when we grew up. A princess. A ballerina. A teacher. As I grew, my dreams grew, too. Finally in high school, I knew. I would be a fashion designer.

I had my first daughter at 20. Having a child at 20 is incredible. At that age, you have so much energy, excitement, and a fire to grow close to this treasure you took part in creating. On the other hand, it was hard as well. I was barely out of my teens, and had to grow up quickly to become the selfless giving person all moms are. I wanted to have fun, go to school full time and be in fashion. Instead, I worked on shutting out the possibilities of internships, interviews, jobs, and free time.  I chose to focus on the gift G-d gave me.

As my firstborn grew up, something changed in me. Chana is having dreams, too. A singer. An actress. A dancer. I look at my daughter now and I see how talented she is. I see my daughter and my heart fills with pride. I am amazed at what this girl can do! She’s following her dreams, singing, acting, and dancing her heart out. She spends her time drawing her own clothing designs, too. Like mother, like daughter. I started dreaming some more. Maybe together, my daughter and I, we can do fashion, design clothing, and just talk about clothing. 

Last week, Bowties and Tutus used Chana as a model. As Chana was choosing clothing for the shoot, she grabbed a pair of glasses that I am launching on my site (Eliora).  At that moment, it all came together for me. I’m a mom, I’m following my dreams, and I am so lucky to get to do that with my daughter and family at my side. And it is so special that I can share interests with my daughter.

I am so grateful for my Chana and this wonderful new adventure. 

Photo by Bowties & Tutus Photography.


To see this is really to understand how things are meant to be. Just amazing to me how she winds up being the girl who she is, such an inspiring force and the cutest face for Project6ny. I expect no less from her mama. It all comes full circle baby..
Soaking it alllll in,

Aleza October 19, 2021

Love the inspiration behind all that you are doing. It makes these beautiful pieces even more beautiful. I knew that whatever you guys launch will be amazing, but I must admit I am blown away. Admiring the humanity behind it all! Nothing like maternal love!
Keep it coming!

Rochy Flint October 19, 2021

She’s my cutie!

Anonymous October 19, 2021

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