Monday MomTrepreneur: Miranda Sings Inspiration

Too much TV is never good, but it's always nice to have an hour a day or a day of the week when you allow your children to play with their Tech Toys or watch TV.

It always shocked me how quickly children grow out of watching safe, sweet, nice, educational TV.    

There are so many great shows out there for toddlers that teach manners, patience, and cute songs. And they are educational! These days babies are learning their ABCs and even Spanish before they can say "Mama"!  It's really wonderful, especially knowing that you can feel confident about what your children are watching.

Then you have the 6-10 age range. We were at a loss for awhile on TV-day, until we found Kids YouTube! Kids YouTube was created by a young and amazing mother.  It's not fool-proof, but I can trust my children with it.

But...what happens after they're 10?!  They want to watch older and more mature shows. The shows geared towards the teens are really garbage and not at all educational.  It's really hard to find a great show for teenagers.  And I'm not here to write that I have a solution! Because I don't. However, my sisters introduced me to this silly little Youtuber named Miranda. She has a channel called Miranda Sings with millions of subscribers. She's known for her crazy lipstick and talking...weird? Here's an example:

The videos are not educational, but the clips are hysterical and for 2015, pretty clean!!  I found that the nicest part about these clips is that it continues to promote "pretend play". Normally, in pre-teen and teenage years, that sort of thing is OVER. But, now, my 11-year-old daughter and her friends make silly little movies like Miranda all day.  I love that they use their creativity, humor, talents and devices in a fun, safe, and playful way!

Chaya and I are the everything right now, we are the Management Department, Design Department, Finance Department, Shipping Department, Marketing Department, etc.  We have been focusing on fun ways to get people's attention in creative ways. Today, we were able to enlist my daughter!

Here is what my sister, my daughter, and I came up with, clearly inspired by "Miranda Sings"! Click the CC button on the bottom right hand corner to turn on Subtitles!


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