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We recently had a nice break from school. 

It's hard to get back into school schedules.  All summer long we dream of sending our kids back to school, but when it finally happens, we miss the endless relaxed days and extra time with our family.  It's hard to watch the children wake up so early, memorize history facts, or write until their hand hurts.  These days, their free play is replaced with school work, and before they know it, it's bedtime.

So, when they do have vacation, we try and maximize it (ok, I'm no saint, I'll be honest. I admit, when there are 5 kids home, you MUST get out of the house ASAP).

Over the holidays, we went to my favorite place in upstate, NY, a quiet town in the woods.  A new Floridians, I wanted my children to experience a real Fall season.  I grew up in Connecticut and I played endless hours outdoors with my sisters.  We played in our backyard and made up the most fun and imaginative game. We stayed outside until it was so dark and cold, when we couldn't feel or see our hands anymore. I wanted that for my children!

We let the children decide what they wanted to do, now that we finally had nowhere to be or no schedule to follow. They dug worms, made sandcastles in the cold, built teepes, and played on an abandoned boat on the side of a highway. We helped them with their imaginative play and offered assistance when needed. It's amazing how much you learn about your children when you offer them options and allow them to create their own play.  We watched and learned more and more about what gets each child excited and where their strengths, talents and passions lay.  No two children are the same, and each child can lead a fun activity regardless of their age.  We really had an incredible time. 

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