Monday Momtrepreneur: OCD or Brilliant?

I've always needed to work. It's a love-hate relationship. But it's FOR SURE more love than hate.  I became a mom at 20, and I think that's what drives me the most to work. I love working. It takes me places I never even dreamed of being. It makes me a better person, and most importantly, it makes me happy.

Chaya and I planned a crazy week for ourselves; Partly because it's holiday season (duh fashion week is coming!!! - kidding, Jewish holidays), and partly because I live in Florida now, and I need to fly to the pop-up shops now!

Being a mom, we all know how hard it is to get away. Of course there is worry about leaving your children, and it's sad thinking you won't be there after school or by bedtime. But there is the stress and arranging as well. 

Here's a tip that I found useful.  I lay my younger children's clothing out. (My 5 year old has finally graduated to picking his own clothing - yay!!!).  Now, people think I'm OCD or that I need my kids to look a certain way everyday even when I'm not away. But this is not the case. I'm the mom who lets my kids choose their clothing! If they think their Disney PJs are better than Bonpoint, then they get to wear polyester to school!! (We take turns, so there are mommy choosing days, too). I started preparing their clothing to help dad or the housekeeper get out quicker and not have to think in the mornings. After doing the clothes prep a few times, I realized all my kids loved it. They started using the clothing as a "mommy coming back" countdown.  Even my older kids use this for a visual concept of the days.  Kids don't really grasp the concept of days, especially the younger ones. So now they can see how many outfits there are left until mommy comes back. And when they've used up all the clothing, they know I'm coming back!!

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