SS15 Launch Party!

Last Wednesday evening, we had a launch party for our Spring Summer 2015 collection. We invited fashion bloggers, stylists, and women in the industry to view our SS15 collection and preview our FW15 (Fall Winter) Collection. It was heartwarming to hear their feedback. Thank you @alamodesty, @batshevarivkin_stylist, @bellachicvintage, @couturespaces, @excessoriesexpert, @henyahmakeup, @fabologist, @rachiipoopinklabel, @sababa_and_the_city, @shiffykagan, @styleaddition, @such.a.betty, @themodreport, and our friends for attending the event and making the night that much more special.

Read @Sababa_And_The_City's take on our new line here!

Pictured: Aleza Ainsworth of @themodreport & Betty Gulko of @such.a.betty

Pictured: Adi Heyman of @fabologist

Pictured: Adi of @fabologist and Liz Savetsky of @excessoriesexpert

Pictured: Maggie of @couturespaces, Rachel Kairy of Pink Label NY

Pictured: Mimi Boymelgreen and Shiffy Kagan Stylist at @shiffykagan

Pictured: @Sababa_And_The_City (Read their Blog Post from the Night Here) 

Pictured: Freidy Goldberger of @StyleAddition

Pictured: Betty of @such.a.betty

Pictured: Abby Klein of @alamodesty

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