Oh Chana


This is my daughter. In. Her. Element. 

From the minute Chana learned to talk, I knew that my daughter was a mini me. She needed to do everything herself like most little kids struggling to find their independence. But, Chana, she took it a step further. She wanted to choose her clothing. She wanted to choose her shoes. She wanted to accessorize herself! I have this memory of sneaking a peek while she stood - all 36 inches of her- in front of the mirror styling her belt in two different ways before settling on one that was good enough for her to go play dolls. After her first summer at sleepover camp, she told us that her favorite part of camp was that she could choose her own clothing (Yes, I am guilty as charged).

And here she is. In. Her. Element. 

I love this girl.

Chana is wearing Nurit (women's hat) and Wisteria Children's Collar.


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