PURPOSE Bangle - Silver

$ 20.00
There’s something empowering about wearing your values around your arm.
Personally, I sometimes struggle with sticking to my values or beliefs, or the things that are important to me when I’m feeling pressure from others to go against them. I can easily get stuck in the “Shoulds” and the “Supposed Tos”. Wearing a beautiful bracelet that has tiny small thin message engraved in it reminds me what’s important to me:
  • Infusing PURPOSE into my day.
  • Feeling the PASSION in my actions.
  • Choosing PROGRESS over perfection.
  • It’s okay to express myself through FASHION.

These are what these bracelets mean to me, but they are unique in that you can come up with your own meanings of what PURPOSE, PASSION, PROGRESS, and FASHION means to you.

Either way, I send you strength, kindness, and encouragement to DO YOU. Because you are a gift to the world. Remember that always.



Contents & Care:
Each bracelet is made from high polished stainless steel.
For best care, take off before showering. 

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