Mazel Dress - Black Premium Modal Satin

$ 288.00

Our Mazel dress is the perfect dress to say Mazel Tov in! Wear it to a wedding, bar mitzvah, engagement part, or any special occasion. We scoured the market for a Premium modal satin and fell in love with this material. It flows stunningly and feels so good!

What's super cool and "Project 6-esque" about this dress is that you can wear it forwards or backward. There is also a drawstring by the waist under the dress, so you can cinch the waist! Wear it loose, a little cinched, or cinched all the way, all variations look great. This is also a One Size dress. 

Oh! And not to worry about the stunning draping angel sleeves, there is a hidden jersey sleeve underneath so if you raise your arms, your elbows will not show. 

I hope you love this as much as we do!! Mazal tov and happy shopping!


Choosing the right size is easy since this is a truly One Size dress! You can use the hidden drawstrings under the dress to cinch the waist if you'd like to wear it cinched!

Washing Instructions

Please wash this in a large sock back on a cold, delicate cycle. Then, hang dry. Or, you can dry clean it.

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