The OS Aviv Belt in Petit - Black

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Project 6's Aviv Petit is a thin pvc belt with a row of metal to fasten. (1.5" wide)
Project 6's Aviv Grand is a wide pvc belt with 2 rows of metal to fasten. (3" wide)
Project 6's Aviv Extra Wide is a wide pvc belt with 2 rows of metal to fasten. (5" wide)

YES, WE DID IT! It took us a bit, but we finally figured out how to make the Aviv belt in a One Size version! 

Why One Size? Well first of all, people change sizes all the time. Second, sometimes we want to wear our Aviv Belts over a chunky sweater or coat, and then we have to size up, so this solves that problem. Third, with the OS belt, you can create more looks by tucking in the hanging part of the belt (or you can cut it off, actually)!! In summary, we are very excited to present this belt to you. 

OS: Fits Waists 25.5"- 42"

I have always loved big dresses and enjoyed pairing them with amazing belts. I never had the perfect belt, because most of the time the belt stood out too much when I wanted just a simple "waist cinch". I designed the Aviv belt for this exact purpose. It's clear so it can match any outfit, and it give the dress a really cool subtle look. It was so popular that we kept adding colors and widths. This is a belt you will wear over and over (until your friend steals it)!

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