AKANI - Light Colored Striped Ikat

$ 50.00 $ 168.00

AKANI is a coat dress with pockets and a belt. There is a 3 inch hem at the bottom. The fabric is unique, its handwoven ikat!

S/M - Sizes 0-8
L/XL Sizes 10-16

Contents + Care
100% Cotton.
Machine wash cold on delicate, hang dry, (and iron).
Wash separately for the first few washes.

We have fallen in love with ikat fabric designs. It represents everything Project 6 feels close to. We love the colors and feel of the fabric. Its bright and has a very lightweight feel. The ikat is woven by hand by skilled weavers. It is a dying craft as machines are taking over the production. Many people have lost their jobs due to this economic change. We love to support these talented artists and keep handmade work current and available. We wanted to create a dress that brings out the beauty of this workmanship without it being too busy looking. We created a unique styling piece. Its a spring jacket that can be used to style any simple dress!

We love this coat dress belted in a pretty bow or without for a more relaxed look. Wear it over a tank dress or a long sleeve dress. There are belt slits in the side seam of the coat for the belt. You can feed the belt through in different ways and tie it in several ways, too!

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