Acrylic Headband Holders - CONTACT US FOR CUSTOM ORDER

$ 36.00

I know the feeling. Every morning, you open your messy drawer (or countertop!) of headbands and you think to yourself, "there has got to be a better way to store these"! We know what it's like to grow your headband collection and then not have a way to store them the way they deserve to be stored. Imagine if you could not just store them in a more efficient way, but also in a beautiful way! Well, here it is!! 

Meet our Acrylic Headband display collection!!

Here are the specs and details:

Free Standing 15.5" Display: This is a horizontal stand. It has 2 "Feet" that raise the inner cylinder about 1.5". The cyclinder has a diameter of 5". The length of the cylinder is about 15.5".

Vertical Displays: These can lay flat as well, but the headbands may or may not fit as well. These are not a closed cylinder. There is an opening/slit in the length of the cylinder. (See last photo). These comes in 11.75" tall and 15.75" tall.

Display Riser: These are great for the vertical displays because you can then store something underneath the riser. You can also use 2 risers to lift the Free Standing Display.

Cylinders Buckets/CupsThese are cylinder cups that come in 2 sizes. We have smaller cups that are great for pony holders and bobby pins that are 2.5" tall and 2.5" diameter. We also have a larger 6.5" cylinder, (6.5" diameter and height). This is great for storing baby wraps, hairbrushes, a handheld mirror and other accessories you might want to store in a neater way! You can also store hard headbands by letting them hang half inside and half outside the cylinder. 

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Please contact us at before placing your order so we can make sure we can work out shipping. We will do our best to try to accommodate you!

Please allow an extra 7-10 business days for items to begin their journey to you.

Acrylic displays are non refundable and non exchangeable!

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