Monday MomTrepreneur

I didn't have much to write this week (maybe because my housekeeper quit and I literally can't look at messes, laundry or talk about mom stuff!!!!!!)
I was going through my photos from this week for some Momtranuer inspiration and found one that my 3-year-old took. I'm sure your camera roll is also filled with hundreds of photos of doors, ceilings, foreheads, and the random blurry eyeball from when your toddler/s snatch your phone!!!
Being that my daughter is the niece of "chayaandhercamera", she captured a pretty good one!  
We just started a new school and each child is so behind. We are spending more on tutors than tuition, (but our move also gave us a beach view, so it's worth it, not complaining)!!!  My 4-year-old son's teacher called me to tell me that legally they cannot ask a pre-k to do homework, but maybe we can practice his hebrew alphabet at home.  There are some days that we just don't have time to practice, and my son cries that we forgot.  In the morning rush (Florida style...meaning they are dressed, fed, have their packed lunches ready, and out the door at 7:30 am), I don't have time to review homework if we forget. So this morning I asked my 9-year-old son to practice with him!
Involve the other children if you can! Giving your kids the opportunity to feel responsible always goes a long way.  It's nice for the 9-year-old to feel smart and important, and my 4-year-old felt special, too. 

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