Monday MomTrepreneur: Working with Kids

It's been hard for me at times as a mom-trepreneur.  When I was having kids and always had a newborn at home,  I used to work around their schedule.  I would feed the baby while typing, workout when they were napping, and think while walking them in their stroller. Every time I had a new baby, I'd have to re-evaluate my schedule and figure out how to work with having a new baby and how to work on no sleep!!!  When I had three kids in preschool, I would only work until their school finished and then spend time with them in the park. My kids were my #1 priority. And my business grew slowly.

I'm not going to lie. There are times when I would wonder if I'd have gotten further in my career, if I had been able to fully devote my time and energy into my business.  And how my day would be, if I didn’t drop everything in middle of the workday for the kids.

After starting Project 6, I knew I had to create a schedule where I can work full time and still be a full-time mom. It took awhile to get the new schedule going, but it works! I drop my kids off at school/camp, run home and work until they get home. I'm with them through bedtime, and then, I can put in a few more hours when all is quiet. I was able to start my dream business and finally reach the goals I set for myself.

I recently got my first check from Urban Outfitters (it's Anthropologie!!). It was a huge dream for me.  I have been doing private label since my second son started Pre-school (he's now 9!!).  I work mainly with F21 doing private label, producing hair accessories, jewelry and hats for them.  I recently did my first order with Anthro and it was amazing every step of the way.

It's nice when you can relax, look back, and know that you can have your family and reach your goals. It's all about the scheduling!

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