Monday MomTrepreneur: Wedding Season!

A family wedding is so much fun! 

But we forget how much time we need to take off from work.  We want to enjoy and partake in every moment and all the celebrations, but we have bosses and work to do.  Your co-workers may not understand why you are MIA or why you can't keep your eyes open all week and need to take naps in your car.   It's very stressful and hectic at times because you can be pulled in so many different directions. 

After a week off, I thought I could never catch up work. I had a million emails, orders and pressing issues.

Luckily, I have Chaya who is insanely organized and just brilliant. She has little creative ways to speed things up and we had fun packing orders!

The first day back, the 9-5 was just not cutting it.  I still had work I needed to finish and could not push it off anymore.  On top of that, it was my husband's birthday.  I grabbed some photo paper and had all 5 kids color on the huge blank roll.  It kept the kids busy for a really long time.  The older kids were helping the younger kids spell and write.  (Love my Montessori school)!  And I got to sneak away and work a bit more!!!!! 

Trust me, buy a roll of photo paper and have your kids draw on it. They will love it and think it’s a huge project!

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