Monday MomTrepreneur: Flying with Kids!!!

Flying with kids can be crazy!!!! It's tiring, hectic and stressful.

I remember landing in Israel last year after flying with my 5 children (and a melatonin trip gone BAD). I considered moving there JUST so I wouldn't have to get back on the plane.

A couple flights ago, I don't know where the idea came from, I thought I'd try bringing scooters with us! I tried to be really discrete, afraid we weren't allowed to, but we made it to the gate!! Now my kids scoot all over the airport and are the envy of all other child-sized travellers. All the airport workers love to hi-five my kids.

My advise?! Bring your scooters to the airport!! It makes all the walking fun!!

I also never allowed little backpacks. I found that I ended up holding even more stuff! But we found these cute little ones, and I couldn't resist. The kids had the best time and as I'm sitting on the Tarmac, the kids are eating their food quietly - without me bending down to my bag 40 times.



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