Feature Friday: Gimme 3, Please!

With Shavuout coming up tonight, we were reminded about how the Avant Garde Over-sized Bow-ties came to be. Holiday after holiday, I would dress my kids up, the girls in their dresses and over-sized glorious Project 6 headbands and the boys in their dapper suits. BUT, it just didn't seem fair that my daughters got to wear their favorite accessories (the bigger, the better), while my boys were stuck with little mini bow-ties. So, we did something about it...a statement bow-tie....Voila!

Presenting....the bow tie that does not stay in stock. These days, the most stylish accessories are for boys! We designed the Avant Garde Over-sized Bow-Ties in Satin and Velvet to look vintage and modern at the same time!  It can be worn for weddings, holidays, or add to any look. 

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