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Project 6 has been a dream from the moment I knew how to choose clothing from my closet.  But this was a dream that I worked for.  My life up until now helped me grow this dream and made me strong enough to carry my dream out.  Every person on this earth has dreams that sometimes feel too far away.  But let this inspire you; to know that life must happen.  We need to take the time to grow and create the best possible YOU before being able to grab our dreams.  So as a 30 year old woman, wife, mom, friend and entrepreneur I present to you my dream, Project 6.

Project 6 is a line that redefines basics – building block pieces that command the woman to style in a form of expressing herself. The collection balances the simple with the sophisticated; the classic with the modern.  Each piece is designed with clean and effortless shapes, yet unexpected drapery and innovative construction. Project 6 brings timeless design that lives beyond the season, merging traditional styles with new direction. 
These clothing are as versatile as the woman wearing them.  The label is brought to life when used as a language, styled and shown to the world who you are.  Fashion is an art, no two women are the same, let the pieces express what's inside.
YOU are amazing. YOU are independent. YOU are chic. Now, show it!
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